Workshops & Custom Furniture Painting

Workshops & Custom Furniture Painting

Workshops & Custom Furniture PaintingWorkshops & Custom Furniture PaintingWorkshops & Custom Furniture Painting

Open Paint Workshop


1. Bring your own piece of Furniture to Revive

Ready to paint?  Bring an item small enough to carry and will fit through the door.  Recommend side table, bureau, desk, book shelf, bar stool, chair, or picture frame.  These items should take about 2 hours per piece from prep to finish.  Use of the Open Paint Workshop is $10/hour includes use of our tools, paints, and waxes.

2. Prep the Piece

The real beauty of Chalked Painting is no need to sand or prime.  A good cleaning is necessary and we have the best supplies for that.

3. Determine the color.

Select from a wide variety of colors and we can mix your color.  You can use more than one color and layer colors.

4. Paint

Chalked paint dries very quickly.  Typically less than 20 minutes of dry time so you won't be spending time 'watching the paint dry".  And you can speed it  up with a hair dryer we have on hand.

5. Distress and Wax Finish

Light sanding gives the distressed wood look many like.  Or just go directly to finishing waxes.  Try clear, white or antique for different finished results.


Open Paint Workshop can be scheduled according to your availability or dates noted on Workshop Schedule Page. Please email to confirm your date and time at least 2 days in advance.  Happy painting!